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Island Šolta

One of the most beautiful islands of the Croatian Adriatic, the island of Solta is situated in the central-Dalmatian archipelago, in the vicinity of the islands of Brac and Hvar. Solta is 16 kilometers off the shore of Split, and one can get there easily by ferryboat (which take 60 minutes), or by catamaran (which takes only 30 minutes).

Solta, the Middle Dalmatian island, is only 15 km (9 nm) far from Split , and one can get there easily by ferryboat (which take 60 minutes), or by catamaran (which takes only 30 minutes). With its 60 km coastline interspered with four harbours and 24 bays,it offers the visitor quick approach and safe, pleasant stay. The island's civilization goes back as far as the time of the Illyrians. Many wellknown people has been attracted and inspired with Solta's natural beauty.

In 295 AD the Roman Emperor Diokletian built his fishery in one of Solta's bays. The father of Croatian literature, Marko Marulic, wrote parts of "Judita" while spending his leisure time on Solta. In 1555, in honour of Marko Marulic, another great poet, Petar Hektorovic , wrote "Ribanje i ribarsko prigovaranje". Today's Solta with its 1500 inhabitants ,remains as an oasis of virgin beauty. The southern side of the island with its breathtaking bays, beaches, islets and cliff is particulary beautiful. The surrounding sea nurtures a great variety of fish.The flora found on the island is of no less value; with its 2000 ha of unspoilt mediterranean vegetation, including trees, bushes and grasses, it lures the visitor to take a deep breath of the fragrant air.

The biggest riches of Solta are its virginal nature. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, bays, little islands, shores, olive and fig trees, various fish, and the aromatic and medicinal herbs that fill the island with the distinctive smell of the Mediterranean. The sea around the island offers ideal conditions for diving, fishing, and sailing. Solta is also famous for its rural architecture. There are more than 200 historical finds on the island, some of them dating back to the New Stone Age. There are prehistorical piles, Roman mosaics and sarcophagus, early Christian edifices, and rural fortified court-yards. On the north-east coast there lie the extensive bays of Necujam and Rogac – the main port. Other important places on the island are the fishing villages of Maslenica and Stomorska, Tatinja bay, and the villages Donje Selo, Srednje Selo and Gornje Selo. Grohote is the main city, and the economic and cultural center of the island.

Apart from plants which flower here 10 monthes of the year, a wealth of aromatic plants and species await to be discovered. Vineyards and vine, olives, figs and honey, fish and sea ,surfing, swimming and watching sunrise and sunset – Solta is real paradise for both: body and soul.

Geographic Characteristic:
• Middle Dalmatian island
• Distance from Split: 15 km
• Lengt: 19 km
• Width: 3 km
• Area: 57 km2

• Typically mediterranean
• Winds : Bura (north), Jugo (south), Maestral (west)
• Average temperature in January. 7,8°C
• Average temperature in July. 28,3°C
• Annualy precipitation 850 mm (mainly autmn/winter)
• Average sea temperature during summer 22°-25°C