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Omis Riviera

OMIS, a small town and port at the mouth of the Cetina river in the littoral of Poljica, 26 km southeast of Split. Economy is based on farming, fishing, textile and food-processing industries and tourism. Extensive sand beaches stretch from Dugi Rat in the west to Ravnice in the east. A 700-m wide shallow stretches off the low sand coast west of Omis, created by the drifts of the Cetina; it has a changing depth (up to 2 m).

In the eastern part of the Poljica littoral, between Ravnice and Vrulja, are several coves (Mala Luka, Velika Luka, Lucica and Vojskovo) with sand-pebble beaches. Omis lies at the intersection of the main road (M2, E65) and the regional road, connecting Omis with the hinterland in the Cetina valley (via Zadvarje). North of Omis, in the village of Zakucac, is the hydro-electric power plant "Split".

Omis provides numerous sports and recreational facilities; football and basketball playgrounds, tennis courts, boccia alleys; beach volleyball may be played on the beach. There are 30 free climbing trails on the cliffs of the Cetina canyon; water sports equipment is rented; a swimming marathon for recreation enthusiasts is regularly organized.


Visitor opportunities of Dugi Rat include a nice sand beach, promenades, as well as restaurants and taverns offering local specialities. Occasional cultural and entertainment programs take place here, mostly organized and performed by the local cultural so-ciety "Dalmacija - Dugi Rat". Sports and recreational opportunities include beach volleyball and all kinds of water sports.

DUGI RAT, a town and port in the littoral part of Poljice, 6 km west of Omis. East of Dugi Rat and around Mali Rat are sand beaches (Luke, Rogac, etc.). Economy is based on the production of ferroalloys, gases, carbide and fire-fighting foams. The port has been constructed for the purposes of the local industry. Dugi Rat is located on the main road (M2, E65).


Duce is a small village known for its nice, long sand beach; during the sixties and seventies a number of houses were built to be used as accommodation facilities. Duce is connected with the hinterland (Zagora) and as such offers excellent home-made food. Entertainment programs are offered in the nearby town of Omis. The village features the Gothic church of St. Mark. The older parish church of St. Anthony of Padua has an altarpiece by Vlaho Bukovac.


NEMIRA is situated in a bay, aproximately 3 km from Omis to direction Makarska, with two beautiful pebble beaches. It isn't old settlement; before several decades there were only few field-houses in Nemira. Due to people who had recognize the beauty of this area, unforgotable sunsets over Omis and mountain above it, smell of the nature, voice of the sea... Nemira has become a settlement where people live the whole year.

There are restaurant, pizzeria, market and several coffee bars in Nemira. You can enjoy in the sea but also in a nice walk near waterfront to Omis.


Lokva Rogoznica is situated high in the hill, known as the oldest village south of Omis, known from the 12th century. There is old road bellow this village, ideal for jogging. Ruskamen and Ivasnjak are hamlets of the village of Lokva Rogoznica situated near the sea shore.and known as excursion destinations 7 km southeast of Omiš. Both have pebble beaches along a pine forest reaching the sea. There are some bars and restaurants on the beaches. The area is windy and well known about wind-surfing: There is an auto camp bellow the Ivasnjak hamlet and a hotel over the beach in Ruskame


Mimice,a small settlement in Central Dalmatia, just between Makarska ( 20 km) and Omis (11 km).It was established about 3 centuries ago bellow cliffs of Omiska Dinara mountain. "Old" Mimice, located above the main road and mainly concentrated around St.Roko Church, still having historic charm combined with modern facilities. Nowdays Mimice spread to the sea and become famous for its nice two public beaches, small harbor, several restaurants which offer domestic food and wine. In Mimice there are also a market, post office, tourist bureau, organized fish picnic and excursions...

Nice climate, shallow waters and pebble beaches, several footways for walking and jogging, good standard of accommodation and hospitality are just some of the reasons why Mimice is a perfect place for a pleasant family holidays.If you are looking for entertainment, famous tourist and historic places are near (Split, Omis, Makarska...) but also National parks and Parks of nature (Biokovo, Krka, springs Vruja, Blue Lake and Red Lake in Imotski...). Outdoor enthusiast can go rafting or cannoning on Cetina river in Omis.


Village Marusici, is small one, with one small church, small market, a restaurants and one post box. It is situated at the half way between Omis and Makarska bellow Omiska Dinara mountain.
It is not typical tourist destination with lot of people; it is peaceful, but not far from the places where you can enjoy in the nightime or in natural and historical monuments. There is old Napoleonian road higher in the village which is not in use for everyday traffic. It is very nice for walking or bikeing.

There are few pebble beaches near.There is no industry arround, and air and sea water are extremly clean and transparent. Pebbles are very light what proves to see " the bottom of the sea" deeper than 25 m. Here, in a single day you can enjoy almost private beach, sea and sun in Marusici and cosmopolitan nightlife in Makarska.


Pisak, a small settlement in Central Dalmatia, just between Makarska ( 16 km) and Omis (15 km) established centuries ago bellow the dividing line between cliffs of Omiska Dinara and Biokovo mountain. Due to natural possibilities, karst and stony ground, olive growing and fishing were the main occupations in the past. In nowdays, tourism takes its place.

If You are looking for quiet, lazy and totally relaxing holliday, without urban rushes, traffic, pollution... Pisak is Your ultimate choice espetialy due to a breathtaking view from any point you stay. Pisak is situated in a small bay, on it's own. Sea is absolutely clean, choices of the beaches from sandy, pebble to rocky makes impression that you are everyday on different location.

Little village port is full of small, intimate restaurants with an original homemeade food and wine, beautiful houses, small port, crystal blue sea, drinkable water, fine olive oil, „rakija“ and „orahovica“ (traditional Dalmatian alcoholic beverages). Small markets for food and everyday necessities are on the next corner.Less than one mile from village of Pisak is wonderfull bay, called Vruja, a natural phenomena of fresh water welling from the sea bottom, and a lot of small pearl beaches, big enough for two persons at the time.

Proposals for short excursions:

• Biokovo - a mountain above Makarska Riviera, 1762m high, Park of the Nature
• Radmanove mlinice - a famous tourist excursion centre
• The river Cetina canyon - seasiting and adventures (rafting, canyoning...)
• Split - the capital of Dalmatia, 1700 years old ( Diocletian palace is under UNESCO’s protection)
• Trogir –ancient city under UNESCO’s protection
• Makarska - an excellent choice for night life.

  Rental suite's code Apartments SLEEPS Distance to sea Distance to center
0197 OS-MED 0197 3 14+5 80m 11.0km
0195 OS-MAR 0195 1 0+0 80m 13.0km
0194 OS-PIS 0194 2 10+4 300m 700m
0193 OS-IVA 0193 3 11+2 30m 10.0km
0191 OS-MAR 0191 3 11+7 200m 13.0km
0190 OS-MAR 0190 2 7+2 70m 13.0km
0183 OS-OMI 0183 1 8+2 400m 1500m
0184 OS-MIM 0184 1 2+2 5m 25m
0177 OS-OMI 0177 1 4+1 100m 400m
0089 OS-MAR 0089 1 7+2 300m 13.0km
0175 OS-PIS 0175 2 4+4 150m 250m
0171 OS-MAR 0171 4 8+8 100m 13.0km
0167 OS-PIS 0167 1 2+2 30m 600m
0001 OS-MAR 0001 2 7+4 50m 13.0km
0153 OS-MAR 0153 3 6+7 150m 13.0km
0154 OS-STA 0154 2 9+2 100m 4.0km
0155 OS-MAR 0155 2 8+4 70m 13.0km
0068 OS-MAR 0068 2 10+1 200m 13.0km
0152 OS-MAR 0152 3 8+6 100m 13.0km
os-omi-0416 OS-OMI 0416 1 4+2 300m 600m
1 2 3 4