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General conditions of hiring

ATA, Alujevic tourist agency makes bookings as an agent for the owner of the property at the prices indicated in the price list for each property.

Prices are expressed in the Euro currency and based on 7-days accommodation. If ATA accept booking less then a week, indicated price is higher for 30%. The price might be even lower for 3-20% for hiring out of the main season and those accommodations longer then 3 weeks.

Booking can be made through ATA using web-site www.adriaticroatia.com, or using fax number indicated on the web site. Telephone booking should be made only by exception .

After receiving booking confirmation, holiday-makers must pay a deposit of 30% of the total hiring price. In the cases of the shortener stay then a week and for those guests who need visa for coming to Croatia, holiday makers must pay total amount in advance. Booking is made definitive only after receiving the deposit payment. If the transfer of pre-payment is not received within a period mentioned in the booking confirmation, the booking is subject to cancellation without further notice.

If not agreed different arrival between 2,00 p.m. and 8,00 p.m. Departure till 9,00 a.m. Every change of arrival date and time must be communicated with ATA, or with owners directly. In the case that the owner (property) cannot be found or if the holiday-maker fails to arrive within the time period stipulated and has not communicated his delay, the owner, his repredentative and ATA decline all responsibility.

On arrival the client must show the rental voucher and passport or identity card to the owner or his representative to enable them to proceed with the necessary registrations requested by Croatian law. Also, the client have to give a deposit if requested and pay the rest of the amount for accommodation.

The properties will be handed over clean and tidy and in good working order. Usualy, the price of cleaning is included into the price.The holidays-maker duty is to clean the kitchen corner/the kitchen/the kitchenette with regard to dirty dishes, etc., and to remove the rubbish .

The owner or his representative have, if necessary, free access to the property for essential maintenance purposes (garden, pool ...) or in the case of emergency (storm..)

In the event of cancellation of a booking, even if it is substituted by another one, the following penalties must be paid: if the cancellation is made after the payment of the deposit of 30% of the letting price, this amount will not be returned. Only in the case of „vis maior“ (illness, death...) and in the case when ATA is adviced not less then 2 monthes ( 60 days) before arrival date maximaly 33%-50% of deposit will be turned back.

It's understood that the properties ATA is offering are not official tourist structures, such as hotels, residences, etc. but private houses. Being such, they do not have standards or categories recognized internationally; rather they reflect, in their architecture and furnishings, the local traditions and personal taste of the owner. On its part ATA has been careful to choose such properties using a minimum and maximum quality range within which it maintains that any citizen of Europe and indeed of the world can find satisfaction. ATA cannot exclude, however, the possibility that these differences may result in those minor inconveniences that - being connected with the particular characteristics of the architecture and of the traditions of the area - cannot be accepted as complaints.

ATA has visited and checked each property. The descriptions appearing in our property information are accurate and have been done in good faith. However, ATA declines all responsibility for any modifications made by the owners without our knowledge. ATA is not responsible for any physical injuries caused to the holiday-makers during their stay at the property. It is, therefore, highly recommended that the customers purchase comprehensive travel insurance prior to their trip. In the event of any problems, the client undertakes to do his best to solve or minimize them in order to avoid the prejudice that may result. If this is impossible for the client, he must immediately get in touch with ATA by telephone or by telegram on the arrival date (tel: +39 91 569 6559) and no later than the following day, confirming the complaints in writing within 24 hours. The holiday-maker is obliged to give ATA the necessary time to resolve the problem. Any person who leaves the holiday home prematurely without any explicit authorization by ATA and without having sent notice in writing as mentioned above, will forfeit any right to an eventual refund of the pre-payment payed to ATA or the rest of the payment payed to householder. No complaint presented upon the return of the holiday will be taken into consideration, nor will give rise to any indemnity. No request for indemnity presented on the day of departure or thereafter will be taken into consideration. In the case of any kind of refundation ATA will refund to the holiday-maker only the down-payment price he paid to ATA, any other kind of refund is excluded.

ATA does not accept any liability for any loss, damage, or additional expenses incurred by the holiday-maker or any member of the holiday-maker’s party regardless of the cause. ATA does not accept liability for any injury, death, loss, inconvenience or damage, alteration, delay or cancellation of the booking as a result of war, threat of war, riot or civil strife, terrorist activity (threatened or actual), natural disaster, fire, sickness, weather conditions, action at an airport or port by any government or public authority, technical problems relating to transport and airport regulations caused by technical, mechanical or electrical breakdowns or with the holiday-maker’s accommodation or other circumstances as amounting to ‘vis maior’ or Acts of God or other similar events beyond ATA’s control.

In the event of controversy arising from the booking and the letting, only the Courts of Law in Split and the provisions of Croatian Civil Law can deal with the matter and only Croatian law applies. Making the booking implies that ATA's General Conditions have been understood and have thereby been accepted without reserve and without exception. If any of the conditions of this contract have become invalid or were invalid or if in this contract there should be a gap, the other conditions cannot be contested.